Ice Makers and Flakers Slushy Machine Spares




 Refurbished Machines (Always with a warranty)


MV426_frontwmk_s IM240AME23frontwmk_s i322_i522_B420wmk_s

Manitowoc SY0424A / B420

Production: 209Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 141Kg

Dims: 56w x 63d x 166h


Scotsman MV426 + SB193

Production: 225Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 100Kg

Dims: 56w x 62d x 171h


Hoshizaki IM240AME-23

Production: 210Kg / 24hrs

Storage: Bin available

Dims: 56w x 70d x 88h


Manitowoc IY0524A + B420

Production: 220Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 141Kg

Dims: 56w x 86d x 194h


QY0214frontwmk_s ACM176front_wmks K20frontwmk_s K40Frontwmk_s

Manitowoc QY0214A

Production: to 98Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 36.6Kg

Dims: 66w x 67d x 83


Scotsman ACM176

Production: approx 65Kg/24hrs

Storage: 48Kg

Dims: 68w x 60d x 100h


Whirlpool K20

Production: 20Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 10Kg

Dims: 55w x 54d x 59h


Whirlpool K40

Production: 40Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 20Kg

Dims: 54w x 55d x 88h


More Refurbished machines are available from stock, click here! 


 Many spare parts available for most ice machine models.