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Refurbished and Clearance Machines (Always with a warranty)
DCM60wmk_s AMC176front_wmk_s TC180IcePB_s Q40sfrontwmk_s

Hoshizaki DCM-60FE

Production: 60Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 1.9Kg

Dims: 35w x 48d x 720h

(New gearmotor / seals)      £845.00

Scotsman ACM176AS

Production: 84Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 48Kg

Dims: 68w x 60d x 100h


Scotsman TC-180

Production: 150Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 5Kg

Dims: 39w x 60d x 88h



Production: 38Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 20Kg

Dims: 51w x 55d x 87h


EC176frontleftwmk_s IM65LEfrontwmk_s    

Scotsman EC176AS Easyfit

Production: 84Kg

Storage: 48Kg

Dims: 68w x 60d x 100h


Hoshizaki IM65LE

Production: 63Kg

Storage: 26Kg

Dims: 63w x 51d x 85h