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Undercounter Cubers

18Kg - 132Kg / 24hrs

Modular Cubers

140Kg - 857Kg / 24hrs


83Kg - 1093Kg / 24hrs

Scale Ice Machines

400Kg - 1500Kg / 24hrs

Nugget Machines

148Kg - 676Kg / 24hrs


68Kg - 753kg

Trade in your old machine for a brand new Manitowoc Ice maker (subject to conditions)


Refurbished Machines
Note: All machines come with a 3 months RTB Parts and Labour Warranty unless otherwise stated. (Discounts available for collection.)


Clearance Machines

Note: All Clearance machines are brand new, and come with manufacturers standard Warranty, unless otherwise stated. (Discounts available for collection.)

sl35wmk_s Neo240wmk_s sl280wmk_s cartwmk_s


Production: 20Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 4Kg

Dims: 355w x 404d x 590h

(New) £536.25

Manitowoc Neo UR240A

Production:102Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 36.6 Kg

Dims: 660w x 483d x 826h

(New) £1750.00


Production: 130Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 65Kg

Dims: 840w x 740d x 1075h

(New) £1695.00

Follett Smartcart 75

Brand New, Includes 3 ice totes

Capacity: 57Kg

Dims: 547w x 801d x 991h

(New) £250.00


*** Spare parts available for most makes of machine ***