General Ice Makers and Flakers Whirlpool K20 (New In)



Whirlpool K20 Ice Maker

Production: 20Kg /24hrs

Storage: 10Kg

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 Refurbished Machines (Always with a warranty)



DC 100-60 (NTF SL260)

Production: to 100Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 60Kg

Dims: 73w x 60d x 101h


Maidaid (Brema) M90-55A

Production: 90Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 55Kg

Dims: 74w x 60d x 100h



Ice Machines currently available 

Spika NG60-A1H (65/20) (Condenser: Air cooled)

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Quasar Q60C Ice Maker

Product no.: ITVQ60C

from £1,584.00 *
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Whirlpool K20 ice machine

Product no.: WHIRLK20

£749.00 *
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