Evaporator assemblies

Evaporator assemblies

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Product no.: 33BA


Fits: Ignis Blizzard B20 and Whirlpool K20 models on R134a refrigerant


£296.97 *
Product no.: 33CA


Fits: Ignis Blizzard B40 models on R134a refrigerant

Also: Whirlpool K40 models on R134a refrigerant


£369.99 *
Product no.: COM4263


Fits: Compact CP30 models


RRP: £171.14
£91.56 *

In stock

Product no.: COM0205


Fits: Compact CP30, Compact CP45 models


£9.58 *

In stock

Product no.: POL819801


Fits: Polar ZB20 model (Product code: T316)



Product no.: PROP662


Fits: Profi-ice 3060 models

£242.46 *
Product no.: COM0099


Fits: Compact CP70, Compact CP70e models



Product no.: HOS2H7526G01


Fits: Hoshizaki IM240ME models

Also: Hoshizaki IM240DME models


£936.95 *
Product no.: COM4143


Fits: Compact CP22 models


£128.40 *

In stock

Product no.: SP4114259


Fits:  Icematic N75s, Icematic N90s, Icematic N100s models


£663.40 *
Product no.: MAN7602799


Fits: Manitowoc S320, Manitowoc S420, Manitowoc S450 series models

Also: Manitowoc Indigo i320, Manitowoc Indigo i450, Manitowoc Indigo i520 series models


£131.24 *
Product no.: MAN3006449


Fits: Manitowoc EC65, Manitowoc EC80 series models


£465.00 *
Product no.: MAN7629549


Fits: Manitowoc Q210 series, Manitowoc Q270 series models (regular cubes)


£530.83 *
Product no.: MAN7625029


Fits: Manitowoc BD1002A models


£2,015.00 *
Product no.: SP4114065


Fits: Brema C300 A/W models

Also: Brema CB1265, Brema CB1565 (18gr) models

Also: NTF SL280, NTF SL350 (18g) models 


£545.00 *
Product no.: MAN7626969


Fits: Manitowoc J1800 series models


£1,654.00 *
Product no.: ICE2051148-82


Fits: Iceomatic 0400, Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0406, Iceomatic 0500, Iceomatic 0605, Iceomatic 0606, Iceomatic 1405, Iceomatic 1406, Iceomatic 1407 models


£2,175.00 *
Product no.: ICE2051148-81


Fits: Iceomatic 0400, Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0406, Iceomatic 0500, Iceomatic 0605, Iceomatic 0606, Iceomatic 1405, Iceomtic 1406, Iceomatic 1407 models


£2,350.00 *
Product no.: ICE2051156-82
£914.39 *
Product no.: MAN040001766


Fits: Manitowoc Q200, Manitowoc Q210, Manitowoc Q270, Manitowoc Q320, Manitowoc Q370, Manitowoc Q420, Manitowoc Q450, Manitowoc Q600, Manitowoc Q800, Manitowoc Q1000 series models

Also: Classeq ECV100, Compact ECV100 models


£125.92 *
Product no.: MAN7625109



£936.90 *
Product no.: ITV307451


Fits: Impact 80 models


£335.00 *
Product no.: SP4114865


Fits: Icematic N131M, Icematic N132M, M132 full cube models

Also: SImag SV145 full cube models


£1,542.89 *
Product no.: SP4114114


Fits: Scotsman MV32 models

Also: Simag SV310 models


£149.75 *
Product no.: SP4122074


Fits: Icematic N140 models


£1,183.00 *
Product no.: ITV307435


Fits: Impact 35, Impact 45 models with 40gm cubes


£191.53 *
Product no.: SP4114151


Fits: Brema CB640, Brema CB840, Brema CB955 models

Also: NTF SL140, NTF SL180, NTF SL260 models

Also: Maidaid M65-40, Direct Catering DC100-60 models


£318.00 *
Product no.: SP4114372


Fits: Icematic F200 models

Also: Scotsman AF156, Scotsman AF206, Scotsman AF30, Scotsman EF156, Scotsman EF206, Scotsman MF30, Scotsman MF36 models

Also: Simag SP255, Simag SPN255, Simag SPR165, Simag SPR200 models


£2,369.22 *
Product no.: SP4114098


17g Cube size

Fits: Brema CB316, Brema CB416, Brema CB425 models

Also: NTF SL70, NTF SL90, NTF SL110 models


£195.00 *
Product no.: SP4122742


Fits: Migel KF35, Migel KF75, Migel KF125 models


£1,248.50 *

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1 - 30 of 49 results