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Hoshizaki DCM120FE Ice/Water Dispenser

Product no.: X_DCM-120FE


Production: upto 125Kg of Nugget ice.

Storage: 4Kg

Dimensions: 350w x 585d x 855h


£645.00 *
In stock

Scotsman TC180 Ice Dispenser

Product no.: X_TC180


Max. production/24hrs: 150 kg

Bin Capacity: 5 kg

Dimensions (mm): 874(h) x 388(w) x 600(d)


£595.00 *
RRP: £895.00

Whirlpool K40 ice machine (Refurbished)

Product no.: X_WHIRLK40


Production: 40Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 20 Kg

Dimensions: H 850mm W 555mm D 535mm


£399.00 *
In stock

Whirlpool K20 ice machine (Refurbished)

Product no.: X_WHIRLK20


Production: 20Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 10 Kg

Dimensions: H 590mm W 555mm D 535mm


£299.00 *
In stock

Scotsman MV426 (215Kg)

Product no.: X_MV426


This MV426AS machines comes with an SB193 storage bin

Production: 215Kg / 24hrs

Storage: SB193 bin, 100Kg

Dims: 56w x 61d x 66h+104(bin)


£995.00 *
In stock

Scotsman TC180 Ice and Water Dispenser

Product no.: X_TC180IW


Max. production/24hrs: 150 kg

Bin Capacity: 5 kg

Dimensions (mm): 874(h) x 388(w) x 600(d)


£645.00 *
RRP: £895.00
In stock

IFQ1 System-Water Filter

Product no.: X_IFQ1


Scale Inhibitor: Removes scale build-up in ice makers.

Maximum Space Utilization : All manifold filter systems mount to walls, taking up a minimal amount of space.

Activated Carbon: Activated carbon removes taste and odor.

Sediment Removal : Removes sediment in the water.

Customer cancelled order (New)


£75.00 *

Masterfrost C800 Ice Grid

Product no.: MASC800GRID


Fits: Masterfrost C800

Second hand Ice Grid for Masterfrost C800, complete and in good condition.

£30.00 *
In stock

Inspection door gasket (Phillips)

Product no.: 05W


Fits: Phillips K20, Phillips K40 models


£0.99 *
RRP: £17.55
In stock

Condensor assembly (Compact)

Product no.: COM3126


Fits: Compact CP150 models

£135.36 *
RRP: £126.50
In stock

PCB (Ice-O-Matic)

Product no.: ICE9101219-02


Fits: Iceomatic ECP556 models


£105.93 *
In stock

Whirlpool Fridge Insert

Product no.: WP481246049421


Insert for Whirlpool Fridge



£1.25 *
In stock

Evaporator (Compact)

Product no.: COM4263


Fits: Compact CP30 models

£91.56 *
RRP: £171.14
In stock

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