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Product no.: NTFFRM35W


Production: upto 22kgs of ice per 24 hours

Bin storage: 4kgs

W x D x H: 54cm x 43cm x 44cm

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RRP: £933.00
£599.00 *

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Product no.: WHIRLK20


Production: 24Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 10 Kg

Dimensions: H 590mm W 555mm D 535mm


£650.00 *
Product no.: WHIRLK40


Production: 40Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 20 Kg

Dimensions: H 850mm W 555mm D 535mm


£750.00 *
Product no.: COND2


Used with ice machines, where the mains drain is above the level of the gravity fed drain output of the machine. Simply install one of these pumps to have the waste water pumped up to the level of your drain.

We can recommend this pump for use with any of our undercounter machines, upto 130Kg production.

One piece centrifugal pump with tank.

Centrifugal pump for heavy and contaminated condensates

Max flow rate 500 l/h

Max discharge head 5.0m

Max pressure 5.4 m ( flowrate=0)

Pump dimensions L 279 x W 130 x H 171mm


£100.00 *

In stock

Product no.: SPF5067407



£55.50 *

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Product no.: 05W


Fits: Phillips K20, Phillips K40 models


RRP: £17.55
£0.99 *

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