2 Litre Tank Condensate Pump

2 Litre Tank Condensate Pump

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One-piece centrifugal pump with tank.
     Centrifugal pump for heavy and contaminated condensates
     Suitable for gas condensing boilers producing acid (pH > 2.5) and hot condensates (65°C max, 80°C in short peak)
     Normally closed alarm contact that automatically cuts off the air conditioning system compressor or a solenoid valve.


This high quality external drain pump is designed to fit Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines DL060, DL061, DL062, DL063, DL064, DL065, DL066, DL067, DL068, DL069, DL070, DL071, DL072 and DL073. The drain pump is also compatible with Polar ice machine models GL192, GL193 and T316 and many other makes.


Performance and technical characteristics
Mains supply 230V~ 50Hz - 70 W - 0.67A
Max flow rate 500 l/h
Max discharge head 5.0m
Max pressure 5 . 4 m ( f lowrate=0)
Sound level in application
(Measured in Sauermann
acoustic lab, pump operating
with water)
Less than 45 dBA at 1m (3.3ft)
Detection Levels On=43mm, Off=27mm, Alarm=67mm
Max condensate
65°C, 80°C in short peak
Max condensate acidity pH > 2.5 (Gas condensing boilers)
Alarm contact NC 4 A resistive - 250V
Thermal protection
(overheat) 105°C (auto-reset)
Protection IP 20
Safety Standards CE
RoHS directive C o n f o rm
WEEE directive C o n f o rm
Pump dimensions L 279 x W 130 x H 171mm
Box dimensions L 2 9 3 x W 136 x H 183 mm
Weight (including box) approx. 2.05 kg

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