PCB kit (Scotsman)

PCB kit (Scotsman)

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This is the replacement kit for part number SP1114103. (Use adapter cable and probes supplied, NOTE: Also now supplied with the Bin level sensor - SP1129015)
Fits: Scotsman AC45, Scotsman AC55, Scotsman AC85, Scotsman ACM85, Scotsman AC105, Scotsman AC106, Scotsman AC125, Scotsman ACM125, SCotsman AC126, Scotsman ACM226, Scotsman AC175, Scotsman AC176, Scotsman ACM175, Scotsman AC176 models:
Also: Scotsman EC105, Scotsman EC106, Scotsman EC125, Scotsman EC126, Scotsman EC175, Scotsman EC176 (from serial 02932), Scotsman AC206, Scotsman AC225, Scotsman ACM225
Also: Scotsman MC15, Scotsman MCM15se, Scotsman MC45, Scotsman MC16 (upto serial 18447), Scotsman MC46, Scotsman MCM46 models (3 sensor board)
Also: Scotsman Easi-fit  EC45, Scotsman Easi-fit EC105, Scotsman Easi-fit EC125, EC226 models
Also: Ice Mountain Line 20 models (3 sensor PCB)
Also: Barline B20, Barline B21, Barline B30, Barline B31, Barline B40, Barline B65, Barline B90 models (3 sensor PCB)

Also: Ice Magic C20, Ice Magic C40 models (3 sensor PCB)

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