Ice thickness sensor

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Fits: Simag SV135, Simag SV145, Simag SV205, Simag SV215, Simag SV315, Simag SV385, Simag SV535 models

Also: Scotsman MV18, Scotsman MV21 AS6, Scotsman MV300 AS6, Scotsman MV426, Scotsman MV450, Scotsman MV600, Scotsman MV800, Scotsman MV1000 models

Also: Scotsman NW508 models (up to serial 02013), Scotsman NW608 models (up to serial 01421)

Also: Icematic M132, Icematic M192 models

Also: Icematic N120M, Icematic N130M, Icematic N131M, Icematic N132M, N192  Icematic N200M, Icematic N201M, Icematic N250M, Icematic N300M, Icematic N301M, Icematic N401M, Icematic N501M models

Also: Joly Ice JM100, Joly Ice JM102, Joly Ice JM130, Joly Ice JM132 models

Also: Eurfrigor EC210, Eurfrigor EC300a models

Also: Foster F302, Foster FMIC180, Foster FMIC260 models


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