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General Ice Makers and Flakers ITV Cube ice makers




 Refurbished Machines (Always with a warranty)

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EC176frontwmk_s MC16frontleftwmk_s MV606frontrightwmk_s IM240ANEfrontrightwmk_s

Scotsman EC176AS

Produces: ~ 60Kg/24hrs

Storage: 48Kg

Dims: 68w x 60d x 100h


Scotsman MCM16AS

Production: 170Kg / 24hrs

Require separate bin

Dims: 742w x 608d x 710h


Scotsman MV606AS

Production: upto 320Kg / 24hrs

Requires separate bin

Dims: 76w x 62d x 58h


Hoshizaki IM240ANE-HC

Production: upto 230Kg / 24hrs

c/w B301 ice bin: stores 144Kg

Dims 56w x 70d x 88h


E45frontwmk_s MV426_1wmk_s QY0214frontwmk_s SY0304Afrontwmks

Icematic E45A

Production: 45Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 16Kg

Dims: 30w x 25d x 40h


Scotsman MV426AS

Production: 225Kg / 24hrs

Requires separate bin

Dims: 56w x 61d x 60h


Manitowoc QY0214A

Production: 90Kg / 24hrs

Storage: 36.6Kg

Dims: 66w x 67 x 83h


Manitowoc SY0304A

Production: 154Kg / 24hrs

Requires separate bin

Dims: 76w x 62d x 42h


More Refurbished machines are available from stock, click here! 


 Many spare parts available for most ice machine models.