Spray nozzle (ITV)

Product no.: ITV100526

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Fits: Eco, Emperor, Gala, Ice2000, Icerite, Impact and Star models

Also: Impact 25, Impact 35, Impact 45, Impact 60, Impact 80, Impact 120 models.

Also: ITV Gala NDP20, ITV Gala DP20A, ITV Gala DP20W, ITV Gala DP30A, ITV Gala DP30W, ITV Gala DP40A, ITV Gala DP40W, ITV Gala DP55A, ITV Gala DP55W, ITV Gala DP70A, ITV Gala DP70W, ITV Gala DP90A, ITV Gala DP90W, ITV Gala DP140A, ITV Gala DP140W models

Also: ITV NG30, ITV NG35, ITV NG45, ITV NG60, ITV NG80, ITV NG110, ITV NG150 models

Also: ITV Kitchenice, Kitchenaid, KRIB3610, HNG107, HNG108


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