Splash curtains

Splash curtains
Splash curtains to suit all models

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Product no.: COM1371


Fits: Compact CP30sc, Compact CP30sce models



£35.44 *
Product no.: COM1370


Fits: Compact CP22 models


£31.93 *

In stock

Product no.: COM4221B


Fits: Compact CP215VE (SV series), Compact CP215VZ (SV2 series), Compact CP315VZ (SV2 series)


£97.37 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN4304643


Fits: Compact CP215VE, Compact CP315VZ series models

Also: Manitowoc B420, Manitowoc B450, Manitowoc B600 series models

Also: Manitowoc Q450, Manitowoc Q460, Manitowoc Q600 series models

Also: Compact ECV200, Compact ECV300 series models


£208.30 *
Product no.: COM5002830


Fits: Compact CP215V models


RRP: £137.50
£104.33 *

In stock

Product no.: ICE2101355-04S


Fits: Iceomatic 0520 series 3, 4 & 5 models

Also: Iceomatic 0525 series 3, 4 & 5 models


£283.00 *
Product no.: ICE3051197-03s


Fits: Iceomatic ICE1405, Iceomatic ICE1406, Iceomatic ICE1407 models


£149.80 *
Product no.: ICE3051233-02


Fits: Iceomatic 0320 series 1 & 2 models

Also: Iceomatic 0325 series 1 & 2 models


£129.47 *
Product no.: ICE9051154-07


Fits: Iceomatic 0305 series 1, 2 & 3 models


£129.30 *
Product no.: ICE9051154-12


Fits: Iceomatic 0805 series 1 to series 4 models

Also: Iceomatic 1005 series 1 to series 4 models


£354.78 *
Product no.: ICE9051154-08


Fits: Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0605 series models


£300.64 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN3005709


Fits: Manitowoc EC20, Manitowoc EC30 models


£8.99 *
Product no.: MAN040003481


Fits: Manitowoc UG40 models

Also: Manitowoc UG50 models


£27.81 *
Product no.: EC0000671


Fits: Manitowoc EC18 models

Also: Manitowoc Sotto UG018 series models

Also: Manitowoc Sotto UG020 series models


£27.06 *
Product no.: MAN4012589


Fits: Manitowoc EC40, Manitowoc EC50 models


£3.99 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN4014329


Fits: Manitowoc EC18 models


£22.68 *
Product no.: MAN3004559


Fits: Manitowoc EC40, Manitowoc UG40 models

Also: Manitowoc EC50, Manitowoc UG50 models


£31.89 *
Product no.: MAN4008829


Fits: Manitowoc EC18, Manitowoc EC23, Manitowoc EC30, Manitowoc EC65, Manitowoc EC80 models

(Measures 95mm top/bottom and 37mm wide)


£4.20 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN4004743


Fits: Manitowoc Q1800, Manitowoc J1800 series models


£358.90 *
Product no.: IT3317


Water splash curtain


£78.40 *
Product no.: ITV305006


Fits: ITV Gala DP20, ITV Gala DP30, ITV Gala DP40 models


£45.85 *

In stock

Product no.: ITV305025


Fits: ITV Gala DP70 models

Can also be trimmed down to fit Compact CP70 models (without steel plate)


£86.67 *

In stock

Product no.: ITV305026


Fits: ITV Gala DP55 models


£64.37 *

In stock

Product no.: 32


Fits: Ignis Blizzard B20, Ignis Blizzard B40 models

Also: Whirlpool K20, Whirlpool K40 models


£12.11 *
Product no.: MAN000011555


Fits: Compact ECV100 models

Also: Manitowoc Q210 series, Manitowoc Q270 series models

Also: Manitowoc NEO U190, Manitowoc NEO U240, Manitowoc NEO U310 models


£104.68 *
Product no.: MAN4009113


Fits: Manitowoc Q420 series models


£220.35 *
Product no.: SP4114053


Fits: Scotsman AC45, Scotsman EC45, Scotsman AC55, Scotsman EC55, Scotsman AC85 models

Also: Scotsman Ice 1, Scotsman Ice 2, Scotsman Ice 3 models


£102.34 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN7628023


Fits: Manitowoc Q200, Manitowoc Q280, Manitowoc Q320, Manitowoc Q370, Manitowoc Q420, Manitowoc Q450, Manitowoc Q600, Manitowoc Q800, Manitowoc Q1000, Manitowoc Q1300, Manitowoc Q1600, Manitowoc Q1800 series models


£30.14 *
Product no.: ITV503533


Fits: Impact 25, Impact 35, Impact 45, Impact 60, Impact 80, Impact 120, ECO25, ECO35, ECO45, ECO60, ECO80, ECO120, models

Also: Gala NG30, Gala NG35, Gala NG45, Gala NG60, Gala NG80, Gala DP110, Gala NG110, Gala NG150 models

Also: ITV Kitchenice, Kitchenaid KRIB3610, Kitchenaid HNG107, Kitchenaid HNG108 models


£12.40 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN4010989


Fits: Manitowoc S800 series, Manitowoc S850 series, Manitowoc S1000 series models

Also: Indigo i0850, iR0906


£115.83 *

In stock


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1 - 30 of 104 results