Water trays and tanks

Water trays and tanks

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Product no.: 132


Fits: Ignis Blizzard B20, Ignis Blizzard B40 models

Also: Whirlpool K20, Whirlpool K40 models


£44.96 *
Product no.: ICE2101151-01s


Fits: Iceomatic U150, Iceomatic U205, Iceomatic U220, Iceomatic U225, Iceomatic U226 series 2 models


Product no.: ICE2101399-01S


Fits: Iceomatic U300, Iceomatic U305 models


£354.38 *
Product no.: SP4114117


Fits: Icematic N25s models

Also: Joly Ice J25


£116.63 *
Product no.: SP4114031


Fits: Icematic N20, Icematic N20L models


£105.93 *
Product no.: ICE9051537-01


Fits: Iceomatic 0250, Iceomatic 0305, Iceomatic 0400, Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0406, Iceomatic 0500, Iceomatic 0605, Iceomatic 0606, Iceomatic 0805, Iceomatic 0806, Iceomatic 1005, Iceomatic 1006, Iceomatic 1007 models


£155.00 *
Product no.: ICE9051478-01


Fits: Iceomatic 0320, Iceomatic 0325, Iceomatic 0520, Iceomatic 0525 models


£179.10 *
Product no.: ITV105273


Fits: ITV Quasar Q130C, ITV Quasar Q150C models


£173.20 *
Product no.: COM2289


FIts: Compact CP215V models



Product no.: COM2257


Fits: Compact CP30sc models


RRP: £67.80
£72.55 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN4009149


Fits: Manitowoc S320, Manitowoc S420 series models

Also: Manitowoc Indigo i-320, Manitowoc Indigo i-520 series models (WITHOUT REAR TABS)

W = 403mm, D = 246mm, H = 71mm


£78.04 *

In stock

Product no.: SP4114013


Fits: Icematic N45s, Icematic N55s models

Also: Joly Ice J45, Joly Ice J55 models


£138.03 *

In stock

Product no.: SP4114007


Fits: Icematic N70, Icematic N75, Icematic N90 models

Also: Joly Ice J70, Joly Ice J75, Joly Ice J90 models


£175.48 *
Product no.: COM4310


Fits: Compact CP30, Compact CP45 models


£72.47 *

In stock

Product no.: ITV200068


Fits: ITV Quasar Q20C, ITV Quasar Q30C, ITV Quasar Q40SC, ITV Quasar Q40C, ITV Quasar Q50C, ITV Quasar Q60C, ITV Quasar Q90C, ITV Quasar Q130C models


£28.73 *
Product no.: PROP1165


Fits: Profi-ice 3120 models





Product no.: 79


Fits: Ignis Major, Ignis Maxi models


£6.90 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN040001251


Fits: Manitowoc Q210, Manitowoc Q270 series models


£42.30 *
Product no.: ITV105360


Fits: ITV Quasar Q20C, ITV Quasar Q30C models

Also: Euroice E20, Euroice E30 models


£125.00 *
Product no.: ITV105361


Fits: Quasar Q40C models


£121.62 *
Product no.: ITV105203


Fits: ITV Quasar Q40SC, ITV Quasar Q50C models

Also: Euroice E50 models


£97.41 *
Product no.: ITV105204


Fits: ITV Quasar Q60C models

Also: Euroice E60 models


£157.13 *

In stock

Product no.: ITV105205


Fits: ITV Quasar Q90, ITV Quasar Q200 models

Also: Euroice E90 models


£122.52 *
Product no.: SP4114100


Fits: Eurfrigor EC40, Eurfrigor EC50 models


£65.60 *
Product no.: ICE9051201-02


Fits: Iceomatic 1405 series 1 & 2 models

Also: Iceomatic ICE1406 series 1 & 2 models

Also: Iceomatic ICE1407 series 1 & 2 models


£192.60 *
Product no.: SP4114141


Fits: Brema G250, Brema GM500, Brema GM1100 models


£95.66 *
Product no.: PROP1328


Fits: Profi-ice 3060 models




Product no.: PROP1332


Fits: Profi-ice 360 models




Product no.: PROP1334


Fits: Profi-ice 3120 models




Product no.: SP4114014


Fits: Icematic N25, Icematic N30, Icematic N35, Icematic N45, Icematic N55, Icematic N70, Icematic N90, Icematic N140 models

Also: Icematic E45, Icematic E50, Icematic E60, Icematic E75, Icematic E85, Icematic E90, Icematic E150 models


£19.98 *

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1 - 30 of 98 results