Water inlet valves

Water inlet valves
Water inlet valves

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Product no.: COM0764


Fits: Compact CP22, Compact CP30sc, Compact CP30, Compact CP45 models

Also: Iceomatic U035, Iceomatic U045, Iceomatic U46, Iceomatic U56, Iceomatic U66, U86 models

Also: Scotsman AC47, Scotsman EC47, Scotsman AC56, Scotsman AC57, Scotsman EC56, Scotsman EC57, Scotsman DXG35 models


£25.85 *
Product no.: COM0765


Fits: Compact CP70, Compact CP120 models

Also: Icematic N192 models

Also: Icetronic IT66, Icetronic IT120 models

Also: Iceomatic U86, Iceomatic U106, Iceomatic U126, Iceomatic UCG135A models


£27.00 *
Product no.: SP1124032


Fits: Compact CP150 models

Also: Icetronic IT150 models


£43.76 *

In stock

Product no.: SP4114365


Fits: Compact CPV215, Compact CPV315 models

Also: Brema G250W models


RRP: £39.56
£21.95 *
Product no.: 46


Fits: Whirlpool K20, Philips K20 models

Also: Ignis Blizzard B20 models

Also: Scotsman AF80 models


£16.05 *
Product no.: 46M


Fits: Whirlpool K40, Phillips K40 models

Also: Ignis Blizzard B40 models


£27.00 *
Product no.: PROP986


Fits: Profi-ice 390, Profi-ice 3120 models


£28.00 *
Product no.: PROP989


Fits: Profi-ice 320, Profi-ice 330, Profi-ice 3060 models

£36.46 *
Product no.: PROP992


Fits: Profi-ice 340, Profi-ice 360 models


£26.03 *
Product no.: ICE9091083-01


Fits: Iceomatic 0325 series 1 models

Also: Iceomatic 0525 series 1, 2, 3 & 4 models

Also: Iceomatic 1005 series 5 models

Also: ICEU225 (From SN 10041280011405)


£57.78 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN000009126


Fits: Manitowoc S300, Manitowoc S320 series models

Also: Manitowoc Indigo i300, Manitowoc Indigo i322, Manitowoc Indigo i522, Manitowoc i620 series models

Also: Manitowoc Indigo NXT iT0620 models


Note: This is Manitowoc's replacement for the original, it will not look like the original part fitted at manufacture


£154.78 *
Product no.: SP1124159


Fits: Brema GB902W, ice flaker models
Also: NTF SLF255W
Also: Kastel KP21/5W, Kastel KP22/5W, Kastel KP25/6W, Kastel KP28/7W, Kastel KP30/10W (Water cooled versions) models
Also: Manitowoc RF0266W
£48.26 *
Product no.: SP1124175


Fits: Brema CB1265A, Brema CB1565A, Brema C150A 18g/13g, Brema VM350A models
Also: NTF CV305A, NTF CM350A models
Also: NTF SL280A, NTF SL350A models
£36.50 *
Product no.: SP1124182


Fits: Simag SC20, Simag SD18, Simag SD22, Simag SD23, Simag SD30, Simag SD40, Simag SD60 models

Also: Scotsman Ice One, Scotsman Ice Two, Scotsman Ice Three, Scotsman Ice 1, Scotsman Ice 2, Scotsman Ice 3 models

Also: Scotsman TC180 (with water dispenser)


£29.21 *
Product no.: MAN2003149


Fitted: Manitowoc Q370 series models


This part is no longer available with no alternative


Product no.: SP1124009


Fits: Eurfrigor EC130 models


£33.55 *
Product no.: NIC771039


Fits: NiceIce N25, NiceIce N50, NiceIce N80 models

Also: Polar 20kg ice maker model: ZB20. (Also product codes: T316, T317 and T318)

Also: Apollo AICM20 models

Also: Polar GD887, Polar GL192 models

Also: Caterkwik CK0850


£36.74 *
Product no.: SP1124042


Fits: Scotsman MC15A, Scotsman AC125, Scotsman AC126, Scotsman AC176 models

Also: Scotsman EC126 Easyfit, Scotsman EC176 Easyfit models

Also: Scotsman AC205, Scotsman AC206, Scotsman AC225, Scotsman EC225, Scotsman AC226, Scotsman EC226, Scotsman MXG438 models

Also: Icematic M192, Icematic N140, Icematic N201, Icematic N301 models

Also: Iceomatic U145, Iceomatic U146, Iceomatic U185, Iceomatic U186, Iceomatic U206 models


£42.30 *
Product no.: SP1124196


Fits: Brema CB1265W, Brema C300 models

Also: Maidaid M130-65W models


£52.33 *
Product no.: HOS4A5251-03


Fits: Hoshizaki KM500 models


£99.74 *
Product no.: SP1124183


Fits: Brema CB184A, Brema CB246A, Brema CB249A, Brema CB316A models

Also: NTF SL35A models


£28.90 *
Product no.: MAS071009


Fits: Masterfrost C250, Masterfrost C400, Masterfrost C600, Masterfrost C800, Masterfrost C1200, Masterfrost C1600, Masterfrost C2800 models


£23.95 *
Product no.: MAN000000729


Fits: Manitowoc EC18, Manitowoc EC20, Manitowoc EC23, Manitowoc EC30 series models

Also: Manitowoc Sotto UG018, Manitowoc Sotto UG20, Manitowoc Sotto UG30 series models


£41.20 *

In stock

Product no.: SP1124173


Fits: Brema G280, G500A, Brema GB902A, Brema GB1555A, TB1405A models

Also: NTF SL60A, NTF SL70A, NTF SL190A, NTF SLF225A, NTF SLF355A models

Also: NTF GM1100A, NTF MGT900A models

Also: Manitowoc RF0266A, Manitowoc RF0388 models


£37.30 *
Product no.: HOSP05361-01


Fits: Hoshizaki IM45LE, Hoshizaki IM45CLE, Hoshizaki IM100LE, Hoshizaki IM130, Hoshizaki IM130ME, Hoshizaki IM240AME, Hoshizaki IM240M2E models


£47.10 *
Product no.: SP1124226


Fits: Migel KL18, Migel KL21, Migel KL31, Migel KL41, Migel KL51, Migel KL61 models

Also: Porkka KL18, Porkka KL21, Porkka KL31, Porkka KL41, Porkka KL51, Porkka KL61 models

Also: Porkka KF75, Porkka KF125 models

Also: Porkka KV150, Porkka KV190, Porkka KV270 models


£36.46 *
Product no.: SP1124004


Fits: Brema CB425W, Brema CB640W, Brema CB840W, Brema CB955W models

Also: NTF SL90W, NTF SL110W, NTF SL140W, NTF SL180W, NTF SL260W models


£55.10 *
Product no.: SP1124125


Fits: Brema CB246W, Brema CB249W models

Also: NTF SL50W, NTF SL60W models


£36.60 *
Product no.: SP1124114


Fits: Simag SC20, Simag SCN25, Simag SD23, Simag SD30 models

Also: Scotsman AC46WS, Scotsman EC46WS models

Also: Barline B40W models


£51.47 *

In stock

Product no.: MAN000000888


Fits: Manitowoc EC65A, Manitowoc EC65W models

Also: Manitowoc EC80A, Manitowoc EC80W models

Also: Manitowoc Sotto UG065A, Manitowoc Sotto UG080A models


£36.49 *

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1 - 30 of 72 results