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Product no.: MAN2001413


Fits: Manitowoc QM20, Manitowoc QM30 models 




Product no.: MAN040000038


Fits: Manitowoc EC18, Manitowoc EC23, Manitowoc EC30, Manitowoc EC40, EC50 models

Also: Manitowoc Sotto UG018, Manitowoc Sotto UG020, Manitowoc Sotto UG030, Manitowoc Sotto UG040, Manitowoc Sotto UG050 series models

Also: Hoshizaki AM20CAE models

connections: ø 24 mm


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Product no.: SP1103066


Fits: Simag SC20, Simag SCN25, Simag SC30, Simag SCN35, Simag SC40, Simag SCN45, Simag SD18, Simag SD22, Simag SD23, Simag SD30, Simag SD40, Simag SD60, Simag SV135, Simag SV215, Simag SV315, Simag SV385, Simag SV535 models

Also: Scotsman AC45, Scotsman AC55, Scotsman AC85, Scotsman AC105, Scotsman EC45, Scotsman EC55, Scotsman EC85, Scotsman EC105 models

Also: Scotsman ICE 1, Scotsman ICE 2, Scotsman ICE 3 models

Also: Scotsman MV300, Scotsman MV450, Scotsman MV600, Scotsman MV800, Scotsman MV1000 models

Also: Scotsman NW308 (upto serial 100000), Scotsman NW458, Scotsman NW508 (to serial 100000), Scotsman NW608, Scotsman NW1008 models


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Product no.: 44A


Fits: Whirlpool K20, Whirlpool K40 models

Also: Ignis Blizzard B20, Ignis Blizzard B40 models

Also: Philips K20, Philips K40 models


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Product no.: SP1103011


Fits: Migel KP21/5, Migel KP22/5, Migel KP25/6 models

Also: Porkka KL21, Porkka KL31, Porkka KL41, Porkka KL51, Porkka KL61, Porkka KL71, Porkka KL101, Porkka KL131, Porkka KL151, Porkka KL171 (NOTE: Older models only, please check)

Also: Impact 060, ITV Eco 60, Impact 120, ITV Eco 120 models

Also: Kastel KP21/5, Kastel KP22/5, Kastel KP25/6 models


£106.80 *
Product no.: ITV304769


Fits: Impact 025, Impact 035, Impact 045 models

Also: ITV Gala NDP25, ITV Gala NDP35, ITV Gala NDP45 models

Also: ITV NG Gala DP30

Also: Prodis C46


£106.20 *
Product no.: SP1103067


Water pump motor (60W)

Fits: Scotsman MC10, Scotsman MCM10, Scotsman MCM15, Scotsman MC20, Scotsman MCM20, Scotsman MC45, Scotsman MCM45


£203.30 *
Product no.: MAS071024


Fits: Masterfrost C250, Masterfrost C400, Masterfrost C600 models


£141.24 *
Product no.: SP1103026


Fits: Scotsman AC125, Scotsman AC175, Scotsman EC125, Scotsman EC175 models

Also: Barline B65, Barline B90 models

Also: Foster Ice F60, Foster Ice FCI60, Foster Ice F85, Foster Ice FCI85 models


£163.00 *

In stock

Product no.: MAS071018


Fits: Masterfrost C600, Masterfrost C800, Masterfrost C1000, Masterfrost C1200, Masterfrost C1600, Masterfrost C2800 models

(Note: C600 was sometimes fitted with MAS071024)

Also fits: Kastel KL171 (certain models, dependant on wattage of pump)


£181.26 *
Product no.: SP1103431


Fits: Porkka KL18, Porkka KL21, Porkka KL31, Porkka KL32 models


£170.08 *
Product no.: MAN040005217


Fits: Manitowoc Sotto UG065A, Manitowoc Sotto UG080A models

Also: Manitowoc EC65, EC80


£112.50 *
Product no.: SP1103064


Fits: Scotsman AC206


£193.35 *
Product no.: SP1103433


Water pump motor (100W)

Fits: Porkka KL41, Porkka KL42, Porkka KL51, Porkka KL61, Porkka KL71, KL72, Porkka KL101, Porkka KL131 (2 off), Porkka KL151 (2 off) (NOTE: older machines use SP1103011, please check)

Also: Migel KL41, Migel KL42, Migel KL51, Migel KL61, Migel KL71, Migel KL101, Migel KL131 (2 off), Migel KL151 (2 off) (NOTE: older machines use SP1103011, please check)


£173.54 *
Product no.: POL175896


Fits: Polar table top ice maker model: ZB10. (Product code: T315 & G620), and T316 (Later models)

Also: Polar GL192-03 ( up to s/n 5085237) models

Also: Nice Ice N25L


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Product no.: SP1103238


Fits: Brema CB246, Brema CB249, Brema CB316, Brema CB416, Brema CB425, Brema CB640, Brema CB840, Brema CB955 models
Also: Brema C80, Brema DS S42 later style models
Also: NTF SL140, NTF SL180, NTF SL260, SL280, NTF SL350 Later style models
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Product no.: ICE9161076-02X


Fits: Iceomatic U150, Iceomatic U205, Iceomatic U206, Iceomatic U206, Iceomatic U220, Iceomatic U225, Iceomatic U226, Iceomatic U305 models

Also: Iceomatic 0305, Iceomatic 0325, Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0406, Iceomatic 0525, Iceomatic 0605, Iceomatic 0606 models


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Product no.: SP1103255


Fits: NTF SL140, NTF SL180, NTF SL200, NTF SL260 models

Also: MBM G90+ models


£224.95 *
Product no.: MAN7626013


Fits: Compact ECV100, Compact ECV110, Compact ECV200, Compact ECV300 models

Also: Manitowoc B200, Manitowoc B420 series models

Also: Manitowoc C200 series models

Also: Manitowoc G1200 series models

Also: Manitowoc J200, Manitowoc J420, Manitowoc J450 series models

Also: Manitowoc Q130, Manitowoc Q200, Manitowoc Q210 (before 310151004), Manitowoc Q270, Manitowoc Q280, Manitowoc Q320, Manitowoc Q370, Manitowoc Q420, Manitowoc Q450, Manitowoc Q460, Manitowoc Q600, Manitowoc Q660 series models

Also: Manitowoc QM45 models


£497.00 *
Product no.: ICE9161079-03


Fits: Iceomatic C65 (C series), Iceomatic C105 (B series, C series), Iceomatic EC805, Iceomatic EC1005, Iceomatic EC1405, Iceomatic EC1805 models

Also: Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0525, Iceomatic 0605, Iceomatic 0805, Iceomatic 1005 models


£527.98 *
Product no.: ITV205113


Fits: ITV Delta DP45, ITV Delta DP60, ITV Delta DP80 models

Also: ITV Gala DP35, ITV Gala DP40, ITV Gala DP50, ITV Gala DP55, ITV Gala DP70 models


£228.76 *
Product no.: ITV205125


Fits: ITV Gala DP20, ITV Gala DP30 models

Also: ITV Delta DP30 models


£156.00 *
Product no.: ITV205400


Fits: ITV Delta DP140, ITV Gala DP140,  ITV Gala DP150, ITV Gala MDP150 models


£225.30 *

can be shipped within 7 days

Product no.: ITV205407


Fits: ITV Delta DP90, ITV Gala DP90 models


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Product no.: SP1103002


*** No longer availble ***


Product no.: SP1103003


Fits: NTF SL50, NTF SL60, NTF SL70, NTF SL90, NTF SL110 models

Also: Brema IC24, Brema IC30 models


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In stock

Product no.: SP1103006


Fits: Brema CB184, Brema IC18 models

Also: NTF FRM35, NTF SL35 models

Also: Carotti CB18a models


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Product no.: SP1103009


Fits: Simag SD, Simag SC models

Also: Migel / Porkka KL171, Migel / Porkka KL301 models

Also: Selected Polar, Electrolux & Zanussi and Sagi models


£164.00 *

In stock

Product no.: SP1103010


*** No longer availble ***


Product no.: HOS316043A08


Fits: Hoshizaki IM85, Hoshizaki IM100LE, Hoshizaki IM100WLE, Hoshizaki IM120, Hoshizaki IM130LE, Hoshizaki IM200DJ, Hoshizaki IM200LE, Hoshizaki IM230, Hoshizaki IM240, Hoshizaki IM240M2E models

Also: Hoshizaki IM240DSME models


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1 - 30 of 86 results