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Storage bins are used with modular ice makers, enabling production and storage capacities to be matched to customer requirements more accurately in high production situations.

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Scotsman SB193S Storage Bin

Product no.: SCO_SB193
Dimensions (cm): 57(W) x 84(D) x 105(H)
Bin Capacity: 100 kg
£1,096.00 *
RRP: £2,061.00

Scotsman SB322S Storage Bin

Product no.: SCO_SB322
Dimensions (mm):  560(w) x 872(d) x 1271(h)
Bin Capacity: 168 kg
£1,129.00 *
RRP: £2,182.00

Scotsman SB393S storage bin

Product no.: SCO_SB393
Dimensions: 76 (w)  84 (d) x 105 (h) 
Bin Capacity: 178 kg
£1,308.00 *
RRP: £2,527.00

Scotsman FOL425 Ice Storage Bin

Product no.: SCOFOL425
Dimensions: 76 (w) x  80 (d) 102 (h) cm
Bin Capacity: 195 kg
£1,426.00 *

Scotsman FOL-600-42 Ice Storage Bin

Product no.: SCOFOL600
Dimensions: 108 (w) x  69 (d) 102 (h) cm
Bin Capacity: 258 kg
£1,785.00 *

Scotsman FOL-1025 Storage Bin

Product no.: SCOFOL1025
Dimensions: 132 (w) x 80 (d) x 127 (h) cm
Bin Capacity: 464 kg
£2,898.00 *

Scotsman UBH1100S Storage Bin

Product no.: SCOUBH1100S
Dimensions (mm): 1427(h) x 1220(w) x 880/1128(d)
Bin Capacity: 499 kg
£4,681.00 *

Scotsman UBH1600S Storage Bin

Product no.: SCOUBH1600S
Dimensions (mm): 1731(h) x 1530(w) x 1128(d)
Bin Capacity: 795 kg
£5,682.00 *

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