Cubelet Ice Maker




By far the dryest and hardest form of Flake ice, Cubelet Ice is produced at just below zero degrees Celsius just like all other flake ice forms, but it is then compressed to remove excess residual water, reducing it to as low as 10% of its original volume.

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Scotsman AFC134 Cubelet Ice Machine (130Kg)

Product no.: SCOAFC134


Production: upto 130Kgs cubes per 24 hrs

Bin storage: 40kgs

W x D x H: 95cm x 61cm x 80cm (+12cm with legs)


£4,033.00 *

Scotsman EFC134 ice maker (143/44 Kg)

Product no.: SCOEFC134


Production: upto 143Kgs cubes per 24 hrs

Bin storage: 43kgs

W x D x H: 95cm x 61cm x 87cm

With built in drain pump

£4,376.00 *

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