NTF Ice Makers / Flakers

NTF Ice Makers / Flakers

Ice Cubers (Spray System) - "Frozen Dice"









Truncated cone format, slightly indented facets 14, 17, 32, 41 or 60 grams. Crystalline and compact. Cools - but the flavour stays the same. Suitable for any shape of glass, a cool boost for drinks.



Ice Flakers - "Frozen Snow"




Ice in granular flakes. Rapid cooling action. Extra verve. Weight and volume tailored to storage, transport and dosing needs. Bedding for foods, including fish, and chemical or pharmaceutical products.

Ice Cubers (Vertical Evaporator) - "Frozen Run"




Seven-faceted truncated pyramid format. Quick to produce, with rapid cooling action. 7 grams weight - ideal for serving fizzy drinks.

Nugget Ice Makers - "Frozen Stone"




This type of ice is characterised by the ability to provide excellent durability and fully satisfies all the requirements for the preparation of cocktails.


Ice Cubers (Paddle System) - "Frozen Touch"




Hollow thimble format. Adapts to any type of water, even the hardest. Designed for maximum cooling surface. Perfect for drinks of all kinds.

Scale Ice Makers - "Frozen Ice"




Flat, sub-cooled ice flakes (-5 °C to -10 °C). Maximum cooling power (thickness ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm). Simple to store, handle and dose - ideal for fishing industry, processing, transporting and preserving foods.