Compressor (Manitowoc)

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Fits: Manitowoc Q270, Q370, QD0272A, QD0273W, QD0282A, QD0283W, QD0372A, QD0373W, QR0270A, QR0271W, QR0280A, QR0281W, QY0274A, QY0275W, QY0284A, QY0285W, QY0374A, QY0375W, QYP0274A, SD0302A, SD0302AP, SD0303W, SD0303WP, SF0406A, SF0407W, SN0458A, SN0459W, SR0300A, SR0300AP, SR0301W, SR0301WP, SY0304A, SY0305W, SY0305WP

Also: Manitowoc Sotto UG080 models


NB: This item to be fitted only by qualified refrigeration engineers

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