Ambient temperature sensor (Hoshizaki)

Product no.: HOS462977-02

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Use with PCB HOSR371A0517

Fits: Hoshizaki IM21CLE, Hoshizaki IM25LE, Hoshizaki IM30LE, Hoshizaki IM35LE, Hoshizaki IM35J-25, Hoshizaki IM45LE, Hoshizaki IM65LE, Hoshizaki IM85J, Hoshizaki IM85K, Hoshizaki IM100LE, Hoshizaki IM130LE, Hoshizaki IM130ME, Hoshizaki IM230LE, Hoshizaki IM240, Hoshizaki IM240DME models

(Fits all IM's apart from the new DNE range)

Also: Hoshizaki IM50L (from 1990's)

Replaces: HOS3X9252A01 (Also requires Ambient sensor HOS462977-02 purchased separately)