Pivot leaf hinge (Manitowoc)

Product no.: MAN3005579

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Fits: Manitowoc Indigo i300, Manitowoc Indigo i320, Manitowoc Indigo i500 and Manitowoc Indigo i520 series models

Also: Manitowoc S300, Manitowoc S320 and Manitowoc S450 series models


Fits: Manitowoc iD0322A, Manitowoc iD0323W, Manitowoc iY0324A, Manitowoc iY0325W models

Also: Manitowoc iD0502, Manitowoc iY0504 models

Also: Manitowoc iD0522A, Manitowoc iD0523W, Manitowoc iY0524A, Manitowoc iY0525W models

Also: Manitowoc SD0302A, Manitowoc SD0303W, Manitowoc SR0300A, Manitowoc SR0301W, Manitowoc SY0304A, Manitowoc SY0305W models

Also: Manitowoc SD0322A, Manitowoc SD0323W, Manitowoc SR0320A, Manitowoc SR0321W, Manitowoc SY0324A, Manitowoc SY0325W models

Also: Manitowoc SD0452A, Manitowoc SD0453W, Manitowoc SR0450A, Manitowoc SR0451W, Manitowoc SY0454A, Manitowoc SY0455W models