Scotsman AC\EC47

Product no.: SCO_AC\EC47

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Production: upto 25kgs per 24 hrs

Bin storage: 9kgs

W x D x H (cm): 39x60x65 (77 with opt. legs)

Available in air cooled only, with either gravity or pumped drain

The Scotsman AC47 EcoX is a self contained ice maker that produces gourmet quality crystal clear thimble shaped cubes.

The AC47 EcoX features an easily accessible storage compartment that is accessed via an invisible sliding door. Other user-friendly aspect of this appliance include the presence of simple and reliable electromechanical controls, a durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior and clearly labelled, visible operating and warning lights.

This air cooled model also has a front-facing airflow panel and a removable and washable filter.

Capable of making 25kg (1,200 individual cubes) of ice daily, this low to medium capacity model is perfect for a wide range of establishments such as bars, restaurants, hotels and food stalls.

Stainless steel finish Electronic controls Air cooled ice machine

Production capacity: 25kg per day

Storage bin capacity: 9kg

Weight: 35kg

Dimensions (mm): 386w x 600d x 645h

Rating 13A (3 pin plug not supplied)

Scotsman's new EcoX range uses only Natural Refrigerants, which are fully compliant with the F Gas Regulation and have almost zero impact on both Ozone Depletion Concerns and Global Warming Concerns. Natural Refrigerants are known as the 'Gentle Five'. They are natural occurring, non-synthetic substances that can be used as cooling agents. These substances include: hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, ammonia, water and air.

The new EcoX range of Scotsman is developed by using only the following Natural Refrigerants: Hydrocarbons R290 and Carbon Dioxide R744.